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BigBang as a Best interior Designers in Coimbatore with expertise in residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, healthcare and beauty projects. We have a rich experience of more than a decade in providing Interior Designing services in Coimbatore, which gives us an extra edge in the market. At BigBang we combine aesthetic vision and knowledge, to develop the design that sets a standard and is technically sophisticated and pragmatically satisfying. With our talented interior designers in Coimbatore, BigBang is now positioned to become the most trusted brand for residential and commercial interiors designers in Coimbatore.


BigBang offers Best Residential Interior Design services in Coimbatore. Our approach simplifies the process of designing a home or any other spaces. Taking into consideration your aspirations and specifications, which we would have learned just briefly about prior to meeting, we plan out an experience tailored to your needs that will offer you invaluable information on the approach we propose for the successful completion of your project. After further discussing your requirements in depth, along with your lifestyle, aesthetic choices, we survey the site with thoughtful consideration, supplying you with real-time ideas that are not only envisioned to look absolutely beautiful in your space, but are sympathetic to you.


When it comes to doing a commercial interior design of spaces like retail shops, offices, restaurants, gyms , medical centers, we take into consideration each space's branding, vision, and values. An excellent concept starts by knowing what the brand is all about. We aim to create inspiring designs that will provide a memorable brand experience for shop visitors. We understand the need for having a unique and well-designed commercial place in order to attract the right kind of people to improve your business, and finding the right concept that will match their requirements. As one of the Best Commercial Interior Designers in Coimbatore, we strategically help offices create environments that inspire well-being, drive innovation, and boost development but still reflect the brand and the culture of the company. We do not just focus on the aesthetics, but rather take into account the functionalities needed to make the concept work for your business and translate it into a powerful design for your shop or commercial space. For restaurant owners, a beautifully crafted space is key to attracting more customers and ensuring they have a pleasant dining experience. As such, restaurants need to be presented in the best light possible and this is where the BigBang steps in.

BigBang, as a leading Interior Designers in Coimbatore we provide comprehensive designs with global refinement to residences, corporate spaces, and the hospitality sector, evoking an elegant way of life. It has become a symbol for innovation, glamor, and style because of its incredibly authentic take on the design world. An attempt to give beautiful living in response to the inner callings of those who wish to live artistically and in the midst of grace and elegance. Every design intention is manipulated to improve one's perception of self. As one of the best interior designers in Coimbatore, we are constantly striving to improve.



The Answers You Need

One of the best and most popular interior designers in Coimbatore are BigBang. Their team of experts makes a perfect amalgamation of knowledge and aesthetic vision which in turn helps them to make your dreams into reality. One of the main objectives of the designers here is to make the best out what they are given. Whether it is your residential place or your work space, they ensure that your surroundings are much more beautiful and comfortable after they have been given the magic touch by their team. The designs of BigBang are technically sophisticated and pragmatically satisfying. The major factors which contribute to them being the most popular interior decorators in Coimbatore are their specialization in highly advanced, experimental work both in commercial and residential interior designs. With a strong team of highly motivated professionals, they are always true to their core values and work with you personally to understand what it is that you want and how it can be achieved in the best possible way.

When most people think of getting in touch with interior decorators in Coimbatore, they share their doubt about not knowing what kind of interior design style they want to choose. However, the design team at BigBang can help you with this. They have listed out a few things to keep in mind when you cannot decide what kind of interior design style you want. 

How can I choose an interior design style? 

If you are confused about how to start with the renovation process in your home and where to start then you must take the services of the best interior designers in Coimbatore. When you let an interior decorator take over, they will help you chalk out the kind of style and design you want your home to have.

Having problems with your renovation process or not knowing where to start? 

Yes, you can absolutely opt for different themes in different rooms of your house. If you don't want to give an overall cohesive look to your home, that is also fine and will look good too. If you take the advice of the most popular interior designers in Coimbatore, that is BigBang, they will advice you that if your rooms are adjoining them having them match each other will be a good option. But if your rooms are separated and at a distance from each other then you can go ahead for different themes for all of them.

Can I opt for different themes in different rooms of my house? 

Yes you can avail the services of interior designers in Coimbatore even if you want a simple design work for your house. In fact an interior designer can guide you in the right way if you want to set up a simple design look and help you achieve it as well. Sometimes, just by making simple changes you can make a huge impact. It is a misconception that an interior designer can only help design those homes that have to be decorated heavily or need major changes.

Can I avail their service if I want a very simple design work done for my house?

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