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Trademark registration in India is easy now. The concept of trademark raised from the point of misuse of goods and services of business from the olden time period to till now. The market strategy in any field remains the same forever but the competition between the people lead the others to fast selling or offering the goods or services better comparatively. So that ignoring the number competitors for your business start building your business as a unique among the others.

It is the way by which the Trademark registration became an important service in the business field. In the present situation when once a company is being established to follow the basic business service became a trend. So that the company assets and the brand name is purely protected through this trademark registration. When attaining a uniqueness for the company product or service, the way of coverage in market also differs to a positive perspective.

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Trademark is a protection for your company name, Logo, Symbols or Device that will be used in goods or services.  If a mark is associated in service it is called as a service mark, But in trademark, both service and goods will be associated.  The main reason for the trademark is, to show their source for goods and service to the industry. The First act was passed in 1266 for concerning trademarks under the reign of Henry. The Baker owners should use their marks on bread. The First Trademark law was emerged passed in 19th century


It must be maintained through actual lawful use of the trademark. The rights will be ceased, if it is not active for a several period of time, 5 years is jurisdictions. This law is designed to protect owners from being tied up in litigation.

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A trademark does not only give the rights to use exclusively marks for the trademark owner, it also allows to prevent others that confusing the general public. A trademark is preventing another person or company from the usage of your registered mark. Registration in USPTO is not required but it will give you the additional protections. For Trademark “Tm” symbol is used and for the Service mark “SM” is used and for Federal registration “®” this Symbol is used.  Trademark can be used under license agreements.  For example, Hindustan obtained a license to produce the limca lime tea.

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A trademark is an intellectual property of a business that helps in distinguishing its products as well as services from similar goods or services of other companies. Trademark can be in the form of words, images, slogan, sound, graphics, colours, or a combination of all. Once registered with the Trademark office in India, the logo will protect a brand name from unlawful usage. After filing the application you can use TM symbol next to the registered trade mark and the ® symbol can be use once the trademark is registered.

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