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BigBang is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms in India with an extensive network of more than 5,000 influencers on a single platform. We aim to connect your brand with top influencers in different categories like lifestyle, health, fashion, food, entertainment and many more. What sets us apart is our rich Indian influencer network and scrutinizing various metrics like quality of content, followers, engagement rates and performance analysis before curating the list of best influencer networks for you

With growing numbers of internet users and internet connections, it has become essential for every brand to connect with the targeted population in the best way possible. There are thousands of ways of doing brand advertisement, but Influencer marketing not only does brand advertisement but it also creates brand awareness and brand image through a creative brand story. The micro influencers platform in India help brands to get closely associated with the potential customers and deliver the best products and services. Influencer marketing generates better ROI by targeting a larger audience at the right time.

Why Influencer marketing has gained immense popularity in recent time?

BigBang is gaining popularity among influencer marketing companies in India because we try and develop effectual influencer marketing strategies at the local and international scale. We hire the best talent in or team to understand and formulate the best strategy pertinent to the business goals of our clients. Our team develop the unique content for a campaign, perform analysis after the launch of a campaign to measure the results, and generate reports on the same to help our clients in having a better understanding of the marketing campaign and its impact on the targeted audience. The influencer marketing strategy includes connecting brands with bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers in India to target the larger audience for brand engagement. At BigBang we aim at infusing life into a brand story by establishing genuine connections.

Why Choose BigBang?

Influencer Marketing Company in Coimbatore



We begin our work by understanding the client’s business goals, brand objectives, and expected results. Then our Influencer marketing experts develop the content, product reviews, social media shout outs, launch events, and many other things.


After we complete our research and in-depth analysis our influencer finder tool enables our team to identify and classify the most suitable influencer out of all the social media influencers in India. The match making is done based on the influencer’s relevance, resonance, and reach. Our team of data scientists further help by measuring the influencer network potential to deliver the best ROI to our clients.


Our content creators develop the brand story on behalf of our clients and share with the right audience to gain good views, traffic, brand engagement, leads, and ROI. We share the campaign analytics and metrics with our clients to show the results of an influencer marketing campaign.

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