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Tips in Writing the Perfect SEO Blog Post

An SEO campaign can never be complete without writing a series of blog posts. Thus, the quality of the content must really match the standards of both the readers and the search engines.

The following are effective ways to write the perfect SEO blog post that can kick your site traffic and ranking into overdrive.

  1. Nail that title and opening paragraph

The first words and sentences of your blog post are very crucial because that is where readers decide whether to continue reading your post or to hit the back button. Research shows that 80% of people read the headline copy and only 20% bother to read the rest. The possibility of perfectly capturing the 20% further depends on how your first lines strike their interest. The title should be made catchy, and the opening paragraph should also be interesting enough to keep them reading the article till the very end. If you’re hiring a content writer, you personally have to be engaged in the way he or she writes and place yourself in the shoes of the reader. If you are writing the content yourself, try reading more blog posts from high-authority sites and see what content approach you can meaningfully pick up.

  1. Address a specific audience

Before putting pen to paper, know your audience first. This way, you can know the approach and language you’re going to use. If you’re writing blog posts for a corporate platform, identify the target market of that website. When choosing a topic, it’s also recommended to write articles that actually solve the existing problems of the target market. This way, they can find something valuable in your blog posts and revisit your site whenever they need further help.

3. Optimize your content for search

The SEO guidelines must be kept in mind while still keeping the integrity and quality of the blog posts intact. The titles should contain the keywords, the keyword density or ratio must not be excessive, and the use of relevant keywords in the introduction and conclusion must also be practiced. The recommended SEO practices must generally be taken into account when writing your blog or site’s content to get the best result.

4. Be useful and informative

If you make the education of your readers your genuine passion and main goal, you can see a tremendous difference. If you solve the core problems of your audience and present information that is effective, detailed, and relevant, you can easily place yourself on the roster of industry leaders bearing a credible name. If the content is not informative nor interesting nor relevant, crafting it in the first place is a waste. Whether its purpose is to inform, entertain, or spread awareness, it should have value and should be worth the readers’ time.

5. End to encourage action

End your blog with something that directs the readers to perform an action. However, if your call-to-action is asking people to buy your own products or hire your own services, you should think twice. People don’t like to be sold to nowadays, and they’re tired of that. It’s best to ask for an action that actually makes them have all the benefit. For example, it could be to encourage them to start their diet, or begin their social media marketing campaign, or assess their existing corporate setup. Whatever action it is, as long as it’s for their sake, people will appreciate that more and will come back to you whenever they want your expert and genuine help again.

Final Thoughts

It could take time before you can start making perfect or almost-perfect blog posts for your site. There are various aspects to consider, but as you move forward, you will eventually see the trend live and adapt to the actual readers’ needs. Don’t forget to assess your output from time to time. If things are not getting results, you don’t have to change the entire strategy from scratch. You just have to identify the specific areas that need improvement. Continually do this, and you will eventually get the right formula that can bring you the biggest results.

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