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SEO helps in ROI...?

Wouldn’t it be better if your website becomes the highest revenue generator??. Yes, it is possible through SEO. SEO(search engine optimization) as the name suggests it optimizes the website and displays it in the results of the search engine that is on the search engine result page (SERP). Having a great website is not enough unless the target is to increase sales.

Every search engine has its algorithms and works according to it. They have certain ranking factors that they assign to each website based on how well they follow the SEO guidelines. Highest the ranking your website will get the topmost position you will achieve in the SERP. Why is it important to receive the higher position is simply because people are more likely to click on the top links when they search for anything in the search engine. SEO makes your business effective by increasing sales, visibility, generating traffic, creating brand awareness for the website hence helps in overall ROI.

Let us understand the SEO benefits for a website:

  • Great source to drive traffic: It is very obvious that when someone is looking for a particular keyword similar to as your brand has to offer and the website displays in the search results they will at least click the link to know more about your website hence it increases the clicks and traffic to the website

  • Increases brand visibility: when your brand is appearing at the top in the SERP automatically it will grab more eyeballs and thus the visibility will increase and people will know what your brand has to offer thus creating brand awareness among the audience.

  • Improves user-experience: Google focuses mainly on user-experience because everything we do is for the users. If users are not satisfied with the website or are disappointed with the website speed the leads may not be converted hence it is important to have SEO as it improves user-experience.

  • It builds trust: There are a lot of competitors in the market and people are confused about which brand is genuine. With the help of SEO and the SERP, people will be assured that your services are genuine and the brand is authentic.

  • Cost-effective: Compared to other methods SEO will receive organic traffic hence there is no need to pay extra for any paid ads because you are getting the desired results and traffic through SEO.

Although SEO will take time like 3-6 months depending on the keyword volume it is a long time investment that will give consistent growth. To know if the SEO is effective and if you are getting good returns you need to

  • Calculate the SEO investment

  • Analyze the conversions

  • Track the website traffic

  • Increase in users/ sales

  • The graph in the search engine

Revenue in general means the income generated by a business. A business is meant to make a profit when the investment is greater than the returns that means when the overall revenue / ROI is higher. Every business’s final goal is to achieve higher revenue as it tells you how your business has performed overall. Greater revenue is achieved when you focus on what the audience’s perspective is and what they like. Some of the digital marketing techniques to boost revenue are explained below.

  • Video ads: Videos ads are trending today all over social media and search engines. Also, Google has videos content as one of its ranking factors. videos ads explain it better than the static posts and thus the audience is also convinced. Even a 30 seconds Videos would be eye-catching than several static posts. This increases engagement, brand visibility, sales.

  • Mobile-friendly sites: This is again a ranking factor included by Google. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly as most of the users browse the internet on their handheld devices as it is convenient for them so one has to make sure the website speed is good in mobiles and also the overall website is accessible throughphones.

  • Content marketing: Content is one of the crucial things in your website. Having unique, fresh content attracts the users hence helps in the conversion of the leads. Any content in the images, blog posts, videos, etc needs to be generated that meets the business standards yet it must be impressive.

  • Social media marketing: Social media is a very effective method of digital marketing to increase brand awareness and engagement. People spend most of their time on social media and reaching the audience out there will increase sales and drives more traffic to the website.

  • Call to action button: A call to action button encourages the users to explore more about the services with just one simple click that will take them directly to the landing page rather than searching for your website in the browser that takes more effort. Few of the CTA buttons might include read more, try now, visit now, download,explore more offers, etc.

These are the few ways through which you can boost the ROI and having SEO for a website that includes all the above will be like ice on the cake. Although you have a beautiful website and everything is in place, how will people know that you exist online? hence SEO is important. It will act as a mediator between your website and the audience.

Final thoughts: When the goal is to increase the traffic and SEO can help you achieve the desired results it automatically increases the ROI too. BigBang is an SEO company in Coimbatore that has a professional and experienced team and will help you increase the ROI getting you closer to success.

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