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This type of logo is made up of simple letters or initials. They work best when you have a famous business that’s known by a short acronym or a few quick words that are easy to remember. This type of logo is all about keeping things clean and simple, which is why they are so memorable. Lettermark logos are perfect for law firms


This category is related to the first, and that it’s usually a simple font-based design that highlights the company’s name and nothing more – as with this example of a wordmark logo we did for a high end jewelry designer. Since the emphasis is on a single short word, it’s crucial to get font and color choices absolutely right for the feeling you want to convey when using this style.


Similar to the single-word logo, this type focuses brand identity on a clean image. It distills the company’s persona down to a single point that will hopefully become instantly recognizable to customers, as well as the public at large. Of course, that makes the choice of image crucially important. We designed this brand mark logo for a food delivery service.


These logos use illustrated characters to identify a specific brand. While the character may be based off of a real person, they tend to be cartoons or exaggerations – similar to the mascots you would see at a sporting event. This logotype can be highly effective if your character catches on, but it’s important to choose a face and personality that will age well over time. In this case, we designed a mascot logo for a brewery – and it just made sense.


Emblem logos put distinctive fonts inside symbols or icons. They often resemble badges, seals, or crests, emphasizing a traditional appearance that creates a sense of history or credibility. These sorts of intricate designs are striking, but can be difficult to implement on business cards, websites, and other marketing pieces because they might be hard to see or understand at smaller sizes. We designed this legal logo for J. Merson Law in NYC.


As the name suggests, these logos incorporate multiple elements we’ve already discussed, such as a wordmark with a pictorial. When done well, these logos can be very effective. However, marketers and designers have to be careful about producing business identities that seem too busy or complicated. In this combination logo design for a premier hair salon, the combination logo was clearly the right choice.

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