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Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy in Coimbatore

Ecommerce is currently exploding all around the world. After the COVID impact, ecommerce is the industry that is flourishing when times are tough for traditional business. Earlier experts used to say that eCommerce is not going to be so much popular at its existence in the year 1970, but as the data management changes, and we see growth on the Internet all over, eCommerce is the pavement to success for several businesses. Almost 90% of online users who are having access to the internet believe in buying things online.

What is eCommerce?

Ecommerce or electronic commerce is a method of buy and sells products online using the internet. Even the transaction of money is done online for purchasing the product giving it a name internet commerce. There are several big ecommerce websites, you must have known about like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. They are an example of ecommerce platforms. However, ecommerce platforms can be categorized into B2C (Business to Customer), B2B (Business to Business), and C2C (Course consumer to the customer)

In India, the number of ecommerce channels is growing every day, people are now relying more on the ecommerce platform to purchase stuff. Making it obvious for business to get their own ecommerce website. For such a requirement, business owners opt for ecommerce web design services.

The benefit of Ecommerce for business:

Ecommerce platforms have now enabled businesses to outreach customers extensively and not just depend on the brick-mortar store for sales. In this COVID era, we have seen that most of the shops were closed and customers relied on the ecommerce website to get their supplies usually. And the same trend is accepted to continue in the future.

Not only it enables a business to connect with more customers online. It is making them active 24*7. You customers can get the product even if your shop is closed. Ecommerce businesses are easier to promote by obtaining the latest marketing tactics like ecommerce SEO services, pay per click, and social media promotions.

Ecommerce can be the boost your business needed for generating huge profits and increase sales!

What is CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization?

To know about conversion rate optimization, you need to first understand the meaning of conversion rate.

Conversion rate is a percentage that determines the visitor’s actions indeed by the particular website. If the visitor fills up the contact form, made some purchases, or even shares your website on social media, all things will be noted under conversion. If you want to improve the sales and profitability optimizing the conversion rate is the need. Hence, let’s check

Conversion Rate Optimization strategies which you can implement:

If you are willing to give a boost to your ecommerce sale, then you must imply these effective CRO strategies for your ecommerce site.

Product Page

The very first stage to improve your CR is to give a more lively look to your product page. There are very few who don’t shop online. And every internet user must have visited a product page of some ecommerce website. So what new you are giving to them, rather than just a product which is available with other ecommerce platforms. It’s the ecommerce experience that you can leverage in generating the sale of a particular product. Use only high-resolution images on your ecommerce product page. Give complete information on the product on that product page, try not to miss any specifications which are needed by the customer.


Yes, policy plays a role if you want to have an effective conversion rate. In a way, your exchange policy, return policy, and customer services can affect your sales and purchase. If a customer is satisfied with your policy, then definitely the sale will be quick and effective.


If you can manage to lower your price of a product, then you can compete in the market more easily. If an ecommerce site A is selling a product lesser than the ecommerce site B, then definitely the sale of ecommerce site A will jump. But to manage such cases, you need to have proper planning in mind. Use discount tactics so that you can lure more customers to your site. Have some subscriptions plan to make the customer more loyal to your brand.


Ecommerce site can only be successful if the shipping is great for all the products. If your website charge extra shipping cost, then always mention it prior to the customers, add it in the shipping policy. And if you offer free shipping then set rules for that too. If you want to increase conversion rate optimization then improve your business shipping standard because it matters a lot that the ordered product safely gets delivered to the customer.

Live Chat

In this fast-moving world, no one wants to spend money on discussing things, all the users want to have a product as soon as possible. And if there are any support related issues, they want their queries resolved instantly. This is now possible with AI enable chat systems which most of the ecommerce platforms are integrated with. AI-based chat support is a great way to minimize the working capital and investing in technology always helps in ecommerce conversion rate optimization.


Safety and security of the ecommerce website may be placed last in this list, but they are of most concerns. Since ecommerce websites facilitate online transactions, no business would want to get their system corrupted and flushed out because of false transactions. Keeping your website safe and customer details integrity should be a top priority for effective conversion rate optimization.

User Experience

Ecommerce is booming because it makes it convenient for the customer to buy a product easily without going anywhere. And if you want the same thing with your business, then make your website more convenient and user friendly for the customer. If you are selling lots and lots of products, always place them in the right category, include search bars in your ecommerce platform, so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for. The convenience of customer matter a lot to improve conversion optimization.


As we are living in the age of the internet, and there is no going back, therefore it would be best if you build your business accordingly. Try not just to make them survive the digital era, modify it to overcome and flourish in this digital world. By following the above conversion rate optimization strategy for ecommerce, your ecommerce business can tackle the challenges of the market and generate a good amount of sales.

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