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These days you have been listening to the word ”responsive” quite a lot. Ever wondered what that has to do with your business? People around you keep talking about making a responsive website, but what does that really mean? How is it going to help you? Does a new responsive website be enough for your business to grow?

Your time is precious and so is your money. We will not tell you that your website needs redesigning, we will discuss certain signs that will tell you whether your existing website needs a makeover or not. We understand that redesigning is a large undertaking and that is exactly why we want you to seriously consider these signs before taking any decision, be it of redesigning or ignoring. After all, it’s all about attracting customers and increasing your consumer base.

1 — Your website hates mobile

Everybody knows the popularity of smartphones and how much people are addicted to using phones for every single thing. Now the question is when your potential customers search for your website on Google or on any search engine for that matter, does your website appear perfectly? Meaning, can your consumer easily navigate? How does it look? Is it easy to view?

This is what non-responsive websites do. Whereas responsive websites respond to the type of gadgets the consumers are using, be it a mobile phone, tablet or anything. A responsive website will be user-friendly no matter where it is opened. The majority of people visiting your site will visit through a mobile device, if people can’t easily navigate your website on a mobile device, they will immediately leave and get their information from your competitor. Don’t let this simple conversion stop you from getting new leads and customers!

2 — It looks incredibly outdated

Your website is not some fine wine that will become better as it grows old. Just have a look at your competitors’ website, you will get your answer. You don’t want your website to look old when the population itself has a maximum number of youngsters. An outdated website is going to cause you business. With cause, we mean–negative cause.

Attractive graphics, easy navigation and a call to action are certain things that are available everywhere, what about your website?

As a general rule, get a website redesign at least every three years. With how quickly consumer needs and technology changes, this will ensure your website stays up-to-date.

3 — Your bounce rates are bouncing like anything

Bounce rate–simply put–means someone has clicked on your landing page or has come to your website but has abruptly left without going deeper, which means, your website isn’t attractive or engaging enough to make them stay. There might be confusing design, no engaging content, difficult navigation, it might be difficult for your customer to find what they were looking for or maybe it was plain ”ugly”. There isn’t an exhaustive list of reasons but you should focus on some very important and basic things.

A functional website that clearly states its purpose, highlights the services/products and produces content that engages or at least educates the customer, will definitely strike the chord for you. Simply put, you will have a lot of traffic and a good number of people would want to talk to you which means an increase in conversion rates!

4 — Google can’t find you

Well, that hurts! Google is the biggest search engine and you being not available on it is a big disaster. It's like, you are giving your potential customers to your competitors. You are missing out on traffic, leads, and even sales if you are not appearing near the top organic (unpaid) search results for any important keyword that customers are typing to find the service you provide.

Certain fundamental SEO components can do wonders and have a noticeable shift in your rankings in the search engine and help bring searchers to your website.

Sometimes the reason why this happens is because Google might have blacklisted you. Yes, that's true! According to one research, if your website does not have any content on your homepage or if you have put all your services and products onto the same page. In those cases Google itself blacklists you. If content and where to put it are the major problem, choosing a new premium WordPress theme will help you a lot.

5 — Your website’s second name is ”slow”

How fast is your website? How much time does it take to load on the screen? Or to go from page to another? If it is taking more than 6-7 seconds then you have already lost your customer. 6-7 seconds is a very generous number.

Kid you not, people will not wait. There are thousands of sites that are waiting to rope your customer, slow loading is like serving them to your customers on a silver platter. Google itself will penalize your site if your page speed is low ”“ the lower the page speed, the more severe the penalty. Your website must not have slow, glitchy and broken links. It will do you no good. Go ahead, Google your website, open it right now and analyze it by yourself.

6– Last content update was”?

Do you even remember when you last updated content on your website? Are simple changes taking so much time and consuming a lot of money? Then you must get a website designer and do the needful.

A content management system is an integral and standard part of your website management experience. Proper content management will help you generate good engaging content for your consumer which will make your bounce rates go away. There is no doubt about ”content being the king”. It’s time you utilize its strengths.

7– Your business goes right and your website goes left

If your website doesn’t match your business goals and doesn’t speak your brand language, then there is no point in having a brand website in the first place. Your website is your primary marketing tool- it is supposed to convey and do what you would do if you meet a customer–sell! If your website isn’t performing these basic duties then you absolutely need to redesign.

Last but not the least, how many times do you energetically share the link of your website in big business groups and between your friends? If you think twice before sharing your website link then you know what you have to do!

We, at BigBang, will first analyze your website and then recommend changes. We understand this huge step demands time, skills and your hard-earned money. We will not impose, we will understand first. We will first check if your website really needs a change or what part needs to be worked on.

Call us today for free consultation!

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