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5 strategies to increase sales in your Sweet Shop this Diwali2021

This festival season, have a well-thought strategy to peak your sweet shop sales through simple hacks. Read this article to know how to increase sales in sweet shops!

To start off, let me explain how I buy sweets during the festival season. Just like everyone, Google is my best friend here. It's always boring to go to the same shop. I love trying out different stores. So, the first thing I do is Google something like ‘Sweet Shops in Coimbatore’. That explains the first tip for the article i.e.Go digital.

Go digital

Going digital is not going to cost you anything but helps people find your sweet shop(s) online. All you need to do is to register yourself at Google MyBusiness, which is a completely free process. If you want to step up the game and get orders from there, you also have an option to list your products with the pricing or showcase offers to customers and more.

I found a sweet shop on Google and reached the place. But unfortunately, my favourite sweet, Gulab Jamun, was not available. Here comes the second tip which is to plan the production.

Plan your production

By planning your production, you can produce an estimated quantity of sweets & the ingredients used. By doing this, you can track your ingredients and reduce the wastage, in turn increasing your profit. Being a festive season, you need to stock up effectively to meet the demand.

The festive season is filled with joy & happiness and not to forget lots of festive wishes from different places where you have given your number. We are one week away from Diwali and I recently got a message from one such Sweet shop saying ‘Buy 1 KG sweet Get 1/2 KG Namkeen Free’ for which I gave a WOW reaction.

Regular offers and promotions

Provide offers to your customers online or offline regularly. This helps to drive more customers to your shop or make people realize there’s such a shop in the locality. In addition to having offers and schemes, it’s important for you to let people know about your offers.

With all the promotional SMS I received during the last few days, I planned to go to one of the shops which had the offer ‘Buy 1KG get 1KG Free’ but after I went there, I was disappointed to see the crowd there. The offer did work for them but unfortunately, they didn’t have enough resources and technology to meet the sales demand.

Reduce waiting time of your customers

Plan your offers, estimate demand and make use of technology by adding Mobile billing counters to meet seasonal demands at your sweet shop.

Showcase the most profitable items in the front

Once I got someone to attend me at the sweet shop, I didn’t see the sweets which I regularly used to buy. This also made me think they are out of stock. But when I enquired about the sweet I wanted to the attendee, he got the sweet from inside and not from the display.

This made me realize that the most profitable ones are displayed in the front and the regular & less profitable ones behind or even away from the display.

If you are that kind of sweet shop who makes different types of sweets and not the regular ones, you should definitely try this trick. This not only helps upsell your product but also helps in defining the Marketing Strategy for Sweet Shop and makes the customer realize there’s something available like this.

I have shared my experience here during this season. Hope this helps you get some insights on how to expand sweets business and increase sales in your Sweet Shop.

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