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5 Instruments to Ensure an Effective Web Design

Web design is undoubtedly a crucial part of the web development stage. The form, function, usability, and interactivity of your web design can make or break your website’s productivity and profitability. Getting the right formula in establishing a killer web design can be achieved with the help of valuable tools that serve just the right purpose.

The following are the tools you can maximize to achieve an effective web design:

Google Analytics has loads of functions. One of the key features it has that can help web designers a ton is their “Behavior Flow” section.

You can’t build an effective and user-friendly website if you don’t plan the user flow ahead. The flow depends on the kind of action you want the user to take, e.g. buy a product, subscribe to a newsletter, etc. Whatever goals you have in mind, Google Analytics’ “Behavior Flow” allows you to check if your site performs the way you want it to. This feature helps you track up to seven page interactions as well as hundreds of variable modifiers. This will help you have a good grasp on how your visitors are progressing through their visit to your site. Also, you can see how the various user variables adjust to the users’ flow. For those who are aiming to establish an international brand covering multiple countries, this data can help them craft language-specific page landings to boost conversion rates.

Crazy Egg gives you insights on how users interact on the web and how they engage with particular elements of the overall web design. Its features include user acquisition tracking, scroll tracking, as well as identifying your website’s specific hot spots.

If you are trying to revamp your general interface, this tool can come handy. You can determine the scroll threshold of the users. With this, you can identify if your long-scroll home page is effective for your target market or not. Using the overall features of this tool and addressing the issues pointed out can help you reset your web design in a way that can minimize, if not eliminate, the bounce rate.

This is a good A/B testing software that is super effective yet reasonably cheap. Put your landing pages against each other and better decide which one to stick to. Optimizely is user-friendly, and you can easily set up pages by adding bits of Javascript on the elements of your page without harming the code itself. This enables you to know which buttons, layouts, and modules are the most high-converting. For e-commerce sites and other highly monetized web platforms, this tool is pretty neat.

This tool might not be the easiest tool to master, but its functions are amazing. Other tools just let you focus on the overall element of a page, but the Google Event Tracking enables you to dig deep into the individual components of any page.

You can conveniently set up “groups” that are like a series of events which stimulate a particular action on an individual level. For contact forms or multi-trigger events, groups are recommended. But when examining download buttons and the like, tracking individual elements can be really helpful.

When using event tracking, you can pit modules against each other. You can make better choices when finalizing your web design. Should you go for a slider or a static content? Do users prefer scrolling down the page or just activating a module which reveals the hidden content? You can build a platform whose web design is solely targeted for your exact user base with Google Event Tracking.

5) Your peers

Using objective tools does work. However, you shouldn’t also miss considering how actual non-designers and users think about your web design. Do consult your peers , which can play the role of actual users. They might be able to input some substantial insights that can give you good points of improvement. This doesn’t mean taking into account each of their feedback and revision suggestions. However, doing this will particularly help you point out the obvious slips that you might overlook if you focus too much on the trend and code.

The best web design can hardly be achieved without the right skills, the right knowledge, and the right tools. Pick the tools that match your needs best and get your head on the game.

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