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The Google Identity

Another brand personality makes Google more available and valuable to users

Google is definitely not a traditional organization. Our central goal—to sort out the world's data and make it generally available and helpful—keeps on developing. A year ago we acquainted Material Design with assistance creators and engineers embrace a growing, multi-gadget, multi-screen world. In view of those contemplations, we are eager to share another brand personality that intends to make Google more open and helpful to our clients—any place they may experience it.

Since its origin, the landing page has been strikingly straightforward: The particular, diverse logo sits over a solitary, receptive info field on a perfect white material. Yet, as innovation pushes ahead, the actual material is changing, and the information sources and needs are getting more assorted. New classes of gadgets and approaches to associate and impart have arisen with wearables, voice innovation, and savvy gadgets in our general surroundings. Clients currently draw in with Google utilizing a group of stars of gadgets, and our image should communicate a similar effortlessness and enjoyment they anticipate from our landing page, while completely accepting the chances offered by each new gadget and surface.

Here's a brief look at a portion of the plan contemplations that went into taking the best of what individuals know and love about Google, and advancing the brand to keep on being pretty much as powerful and eccentric as we endeavor to be.

Planned together

Early this year, creators from the whole way across the organization, including Creative Lab and the Material Design group, assembled in New York for an exceptional, week-long plan run. We drafted a short that distinguished four difficulties we needed to address:

A versatile imprint that could pass on the sensation of the full logotype in obliged spaces.

The joining of dynamic, insightful movements that reacted to clients at all phases of a connection.

An efficient way to deal with marking in our items to furnish consistency in individuals' day by day experiences with Google.

A refinement of what makes us Googley, joining the best of the brand our clients know and love with insightful thought for how their necessities are evolving.

We began by refining the pith of our image down to its center—four tones on a spotless white foundation—and assembled it back up. Stickies were trapped, pins were pushed, and beziers were vivified. With the cutting room floor covered with many long stretches of configuration work, we set out with a couple of bearings that energized us.

We imparted the intuition to groups across the association. Designing, exploration, item, and advertising tried the thoughts and assessed their practicality as we iterated on the plan and rollout procedure. This community oriented interaction prompted a framework adequately adaptable to be utilized across showcasing materials and item work on any stage: three basic expressions that make up a solitary logo.

Understanding the framework

The reasoning and plan advancement goes a lot further than the center components, and a spec was created to assist with consistency across groups chipping away at a wide scope of utilizations. The accompanying models are not thorough, but rather show a bit of the reasoning that went into the framework.


The Google logo has consistently had a basic, amicable, and agreeable style. We needed to hold these characteristics by joining the numerical virtue of mathematical structures with the virtuous effortlessness of textbook letter printing. Our new logotype is set in a custom, mathematical sans-serif typeface and keeps up the multi-shaded fun loving nature and turned 'e' of our past mark—an update that will generally be somewhat eccentric.

The last logotype was tried comprehensively at different sizes and loads for greatest intelligibility in every one of the new computerized settings. To manage use in screen and print, we created norms to cover all parts of the logotype including separating, freedom rules, item lockups, and redline determinations for in-item medicines.

Google G Construction

The Google G is straightforwardly derived from the logotype 'G,' yet utilizes expanded visual load to stand up at little sizes and settings where it needs to impart space to different components. Planned on a similar lattice as our item iconography, the roundabout shape was optically refined to forestall a visual "overbite" at where the round structure meets the crossbar. The shading extents pass on the full range of the logotype and are sequenced to help eye development around the letterform.

Google Dots in Motion

The Google dabs are a dynamic and ceaselessly moving condition of the logo. They address Google's knowledge grinding away and show when Google is working for you. We think about these special, wizardry minutes. A full scope of articulations were created including tuning in, thinking, answering, incomprehension, and affirmation. While their developments may appear to be unconstrained, their movement is established in predictable ways and timing, with the spots moving along mathematical bends and keeping a standard arrangement of smart facilitating bends.


The Google logotype profits by whitespace between letterforms, yet when tones are nearby—as on account of the Google G—they optically mix and can bring about an obscuring and diminishing of the first worth. We changed and pushed the dynamic quality of the red, green, and yellow to keep up immersion and pop.


Pair with fostering the logotype, we made a custom, mathematical sans-serif typeface to supplement the logo in item lockups and supporting character materials. We call it Product Sans. The typeface configuration follows that equivalent textbook letter-printing style, however embraces the impartial consistency we've all generally expected from a mathematical sans serif. This permits us to keep a proper degree of differentiation between the Google logotype and the item name. The character set is finished with numerals, accentuation, emphasize and substitute characters, parts, images, and supports broadened Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic. Download the sort example for more detail.


A large number of our items across Google will be delivering the update, however for the vast majority, the absolute first experience of the new brand will be through Search. The Search UX and designing groups endeavored to convey the primary encapsulation of the content and voice inquiries, showing the character's full scope of articulation.

More extensive dispersion

As the plan advanced, designing fostered a novel methodology for resource age, variant control, and self-administration dispersion across our code base. Utilizing pixel-ideal SVGs for base resources, we naturally created a great many vector-based variations to fulfill size, shading, and foundation prerequisites. These variations are then looked into in our source control in an accepted area to keep away from duplication and guarantee that each group is utilizing the most right, modern resources.

This assists us with making the plan pixel amazing wherever it's utilized, and it permits us to streamline these resources for size and inactivity, including building a unique variation of our full-shading logo that is just 305 bytes, contrasted with our current logo at ~14,000 bytes. The old logo, with its complex serifs and bigger document size, necessitated that we serve a book based estimate of the logo for low transfer speed associations. The new logo's decreased document size keeps away from this workaround and the consistency has a colossal effect when you consider our objective of making Google more available and valuable to clients all throughout the planet, including the following billion.

Past plan

Configuration was just a single piece of the exertion. The acknowledgment of the new personality required the aggregate work and steadiness of many Googlers, in various jobs, crossing the whole association. They merit tremendous credit for building and executing the framework down to the absolute last pixel.

As we push ahead making new items and encounters, we trust this work will keep on conveying the effortlessness and pleasure you anticipate from Google—any place new innovation may take us.

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