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New Olympic Games Logo: Rio 2016

Rio will be the principal South American city to have the Summer Olympics, so when it came to planning the ideal logo, to address the games and obviously the host country, they required something extraordinary.

The major multi-sport occasion, known as obviously the Olympic Games, is because it happened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from the 5 to the 21 August 2016. This year specifically will see a record number of nations taking part in the games, with in excess of 10,500 competitors from 206 National Olympic Committees.

1) The Logo reason

The logo was expected to have numerous reasons, obviously it expected to address the games, it expected to address the Olympics (so not wandering excessively far from their own marking rules) yet for Rio it expected to address them. It was a chance for the nation to stand up, show their way of life, their style for shading, harmony and in particular a chance to build business and the travel industry.

As per the Rio 2016 Olympic Games site "The visual character of the Rio 2016 Games is motivated by the symphonious variety and infectious energy of Brazil's kin and Rio de Janeiro's abundant nature. Every one of the components were made dependent on the brands, considering reconciliation and arrangement."

2) The picked group to plan the logo

The group behind the formation of the new logo is Rio-based Tatil (whose different customers incorporate Walmart and Fiat). Tatil, obviously enchanted to beat the contest to win the bid for the plan of the new logo, praised their prosperity by making an extraordinary contextual investigation video discussing their interaction and furthermore the many plans which were tossed out before this one was in the long run picked and corrected to what it is today.

"The initial phase in the innovative cycle was to make us fully aware of what was around us – individuals, places, pictures, landmarks, colors, smells, sensations… This abundance of motivation turned into the point of convergence of a photographic submersion workout, extending our insight into the city's visual features. It required barely a year, however in the end we figured out how to reproduce the diagrams of this Marvelous City".

For some, the logo is an edifying glance at the monstrous degree of thought, readiness, profundity, energy and examination that went into the improvement of the logo.

3) Logo advancement

As per Tatil's own video journal, the improvement of the Rio 2016 logo was basic for them. They needed to obviously ensure they took care of business and it addressed all it required just as the 12 considerations it needed to have. It was something they perceived had significance across the world and it expected to fill in as their name was the one connected to it.

The test they expressed was "to address the Passion and Transformation of a city and a whole country, and undertake those qualities to the remainder of the world".

Obviously additionally remembering it was a logo which needed to withstand a further 6 years into what's to come.

The group cooperated as one, it assumed the totality of the Olympics brand which is the place where they saw that it should communicate solidarity, move accomplishment and positive thinking – obviously for Rio as well as for all athletes and ladies, allies and nations included.

To address Rio in a solitary logo can too many appear to be outlandish and obviously where to begin! The examination started taking a gander at Rio's Cariocas – its residents. From this they before long understood the human warmth and the human instinct was addressed and an ideal fit with the soul of the Olympic games and as per their blog on the logo creation it "is formed by the overflowing idea of a city that rouses us to live energetically and joyful, and loves to share and draw in with others".

Making this a stride further the plan of individuals consolidating before long began to come to fruition.

4) A tone the correct way?

The shading decisions obviously as indicated by the inventive group are driven by the Brazilian climate – so obviously nothing to do with the brain science of shading… Yellow represents the sun and Brazilians' warm, fiery and glad nature (or idealism, lucidity and warmth). Blue, "the smoothness of the water that encompasses us, and our agreeable lifestyle" (or trust, trustworthy and strength) lastly green, to "address the woodlands and expectation, a positive vision that motivates us to go much further" (or serene, development and wellbeing).

Investigating the brain science of tones the group have been exceptionally astute in enveloping all that Rio needs to represent now and later on, they're mindful of likely arrangements and the reality the logo will stay for a very long time so henceforth future sealing using shading portrayal and yes it additionally addresses the woods and water as well!

5) Shaping a logo

Obviously this logo isn't just 3 individuals holding each other in various shadings! To help shape the logo and truly pull in the connection to Rio, in the event that you removed the words, a theoretical reference to Rio's milestone, 'Sugarloaf Mountain' was utilized, the state of which is planned by the logo.

6) Typeface

You can see from the video various typefaces straightforward on the dividers, each with an alternate vibe and fit with the logo and a bespoke brush script has in the end been picked. The textual style has been made by Dalton Maag and from a marking viewpoint the group here truly expounded in this perspective since they've permitted the logo to be perceived as independent because of its visual portrayal of Rio, presently joined with the content makes this a much more grounded logo.

7) Meanings

I've addressed the implications behind a portion of the choices that were made during the logo's advancement interaction; it was tied in with addressing the soul of Brazil and the soul of the games. To make essential encounters, to carry on with a long life and praise an air of serious harmony. Uniting individuals from around the world – this marking exercise has been cited by numerous individuals as being significantly more.

We additionally need to recollect the cash and costs the host nation can go to, to ensure everything is available and right and it is this brand that will gladly be shown across them all – scenes, items, regalia and so forth

This is significantly more than a logo, it is a brand which partners itself with progress, progress and advancement. For any country and not simply Brazil, with regards to their part in the logo, it needs to address them, recount their story, past, present and future.

From the outset and for some, you may very well see 3 individuals clasping hands, yet it's not until you experience Rio and comprehend the story behind the creation that it at that point makes this logo into something considerably more. The issue with marking on this scale is that occasionally individuals can see the logo without seeing the story behind its creation.

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