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Google Ranking Algorithm Update; Is It Product Reviews Related?

Starting around Friday, April 30th but really spiking a lot on Saturday, May 1st, we are seeing signs of another big Google search ranking algorithm update.

There are signs that this update had a big impact on the Product Reviews update as well. It is hard to say if they are separate or maybe Google rolled out something, unconfirmed, that impacted product reviews and other categories of sites?

Right now, I am seeing significant signs that those impacted by the product reviews update saw a change this past Friday, Saturday and so on. Maybe Google made a tweak to the product reviews update? Google said it would not confirm. all changes to this specific update. But also, this update is very similar to a core update, to how it acts and maybe something larger was rolled out that impacted both product reviews and other categories. This is all a guess but all I know is that I am seeing signs from both the tracking tools and the community of big changes this past weekend - and it is bigger than last weekend.

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